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Ship Faster.

Instantly publish announcements on your website, using Notion. Great for announcing new feature releases, special offers and more.

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30 day free trial then $199 for lifetime access.

No coding required

No more tinkering with HTML or databases. Just create a Notion page and publish it. Great for non-technical team members too.

No code required

Multiple websites, one announcement hub

Manage announcements for all your websites from one single hub. Great for agencies, serial entrepreneurs, and companies with lots of digital assets.

Multiple websites

Installation time: 1 minute

Copy and paste one line of code into your website. That's your installation done!

Copy and paste 1 line of code


Pay $199 for a lifetime access of Hey New!

You will gain immediate access to the early version (before I launch version 1.0).

This is only available now while Hey New is being actively developed. As soon as Hey New version 1.0 is launched, prices start at $9/month for the BASIC version, and $49/month for the PRO version.

Start now

30 day free trial then $199 for lifetime access.



Hi. I'm Farez, an indie entrepreneur and software engineer.

I built Hey New for me and my team, because managing announcements for all our websites is a headache. For each website we launch, we have to build an announcement feature, and more often than not, each announcement requires some coding know-how. This is a problem for our non-technical team members.